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About Topline Lowlines

We've raised American Aberdeen cattle since the year 2000 originally purchasing different genetics with not a lot of focus. After visiting farms and researching genetics, we became particularly interested in Eliza Park Brenton and Binnowee Caesar lines which were and still are rare genetics that not everyone had. We knew we wanted serious beef cattle that could thrive with their own strong points alongside well-known breeds.

We were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to import around 12 females from Australia in three different shipments over the course of a couple years. The females were from the Wanamara, Lilliput and Kobblevale herds. All were very nice females. We especially  liked the L450 line and the Binnowee Caesar line through Kobblevale.  Lee Labrie of Kobblevale offered us the opportunity to purchase their Surprise cow after she had won multiple shows in Australia. We jumped at the chance and also purchased her full sister Kobblevale Sassy. Later we purchased another full sister Bonanaza LLC Starr from Bonanza Lowlines.

Since 2013 our focus has been on two family lines. One is the Surprise Line based from Surprise and Sassy; and their daughters and granddaughters. This line has produced top of the line progeny known for their excellent structure. They do very, very well in the show ring as well as on the rail. The other is Lilliput Lady Stella and her daughters who produces exceptionally feminine females also very structurally correct.

Because we don't have a huge amount of land resources, we are very diligent on every year's breeding program. We have a precise program with sire selection to complement our special female lines.

You can find our bloodlines across the US as well as British Columbia.

Rick has been on the American Aberdeen Association Board of Directors since 2008. I served on the Western Aberdeen Breeders Association for about 9 years. Our daughter Jalyn is a big help with the running of our cattle operation. She's also very involved with showing her horse.

We welcome your questions about our American Aberdeens and cattle in general. Visitors always welcome!

Rick, Shelley and Jalyn Dodd


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